Russia has for years oppressed the movements within their country attempting to gain freedom, including the Chechens. Therefore, it was very surprising that on Sunday there was a conference in Moscow with various international secessionist movements. A few of these groups originated from within the United States. It is possible that the Russian government hopes to support groups that would weaken the countries from the West. This is the second of these “Dialogue of Nations.” It seems as though the antiglobalization rhetoric of the meeting is supported financially by the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia. However, no Russian separatists movements were allowed admittance, given that Russians who support separating away from Moscow are given 5 years in jail. The Russian government doesn’t give its “marginal” people the same voice and consideration as the other groups although the many of the other organizations seem to be even smaller and less significant than current Russian ones. As Russia extends its influence through supporting these groups, the many secessionist groups hope to gain support through international influence.

As countries are formed, like Kosovo, it seems like secessionist movements have gained hope for their own cause. However, if they are generally unknown, then how they can gain international aid for their agendas. If a government is repressive to desired separation, they might need sympathy from other groups to gain their freedom. What makes a real sucessionst movement? In this case there probably is are some gray areas in the case of California or Texas, which do have people wishing to form their own government, yet the general population don’t have such a strong desire. What is the role of countries supporting movements of those wanting freedom? How much support does a secessionist movement need in order to be considered legitmate? It seems like the international community will have to continue to learn how to deal with the breakdown of borders as marginalized groups speak up. We have yet to see how the irony of Russia’s suppression of their own split-off groups will continue and whether these seeminyly annual meetings will help these peopel gain greater freedoms.

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