Unfortunately, the immigrant crisis continues. France, one of the countries getting hit the hardest, faces a unique struggle with a particular area called ‘the jungle’ where about 100 immigrants are showing up every day. This has not been encouraged by the government. In fact, they have been trying to reduce its size in the hopes of eradicating it entirely.

The area has only grown, in area and in population. the local population is unsurprisingly concerned and frustrated by the growing number of young, undocumented, and unemployed men that is growing in the neighborhood. Their goal is not to stay in the area, but to go to Britain where similar problems are encountered. Due to recent efforts to reduce illegal immigration, life has gotten harder for both sides of the issue.

I will be honest, my first reaction was to feel anger towards the French government, but the issue is not so simple as to paint one side as bad and the other goo. I feel a deep sympathy towards all of the displaced individuals and their lack of resources. I also understand that such a large population in such a concentrated area can lead to a lot of dangerous and illegal activity, especially as the inhabitants do not see themselves as staying there permanently. The question that is biggest in my mind is who will take responsibility for this? Countries keep trying to push it off on one another, but the load is being born unevenly and that is proving disastrous for many.

A particularly effective part of this article is the photos that make up more than half of it’s length. I suggest you open the link and explore.