Some Greeks are saying no to allowing Syrian Refugees into their schools. Parents throughout Greece worry about the effects of refugees attending the same schools as their children. In a letter written by an association of parents in a small town of Filippiada stated that they feared the refugee children would spread diseases and other health conditions. They also expressed their concern of the culture and different outlooks regarding the role of the family, women, and religion the refugees bring with them. They worry these things will adversely affect their strong Greek culture. Nikos Filis, the education minister, asked on Greek television, “Does a neighborhood or a school have a right to say, I don’t want foreigners here? No, it doesn’t.” From a majority stand point most Greek parents are concerned for their children’s health. However, this tension is only making things more difficult for refugee families looking to educate their children and further their lives. Mixed feelings between what is right and what is wrong spread not only across Greece but across the world as different countries work with the refugees they have allowed into their country. Is Mr. Filis correct when he says that a school or neighborhood does not have the right to say it doesn’t want foreigners? Are the Greek citizens justified in their reactions towards their refugees? I mean they did let them in after all. Did they not think something along these lines would happen? Is it racist to not want foreigners in your school? How would you react in this situation? What can be done?
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