Boko Haram is considered to be more deadly and dangerous than the Islamic State. Though they have pledge allegiance to the Islamic State,  little focus is being given to this terrorist cell and the crisis they are inflicting on Nigeria. With seven years of burned villages, beheadings, military corruption, civilian being slaughtered and women and girls being raped, the crisis does not seem to be improving. Though attention was finally given to the crisis when 300 school girls were captured by the terrorist cell, the spotlight was quickly drawn away to bombings in Europe and shootings in America.

This could be due to the reason that the terrorist group, Boko Haram, has relatively been focused in Nigeria. This, therefore, does not directly affect the large players in the UN and it is easy for them to turn attention to other matter they seem more pressing. However, with 3.9 million people facing severe food insecurity, the money needed to help is not being raised fast enough. The United Nations cannot even raise a quarter of the $739 million dollars need.

Famous artists and activists have tried to bring the spotlight back to this area of the world but to little avail. They have warned that if attention is not given to Nigeria, one of Africa’s biggest economies, that the repercussions will begin to not just effect the 800,000 or more displaced citizens, but it will being to effect Europe and America.

NYT: Boko Haram Rages in Nigeria, but the World’s Eyes Are Elsewhere