Newly elected Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has been lashing out at everyone from the EU to the US. This is shocking to the world but most Filipino citizens of his home town of Davao are not surprised. When he was the mayor of Davao he was known as the “kill squad.” Since taking office he has threatened to kill all criminals and in 3 months of his presidency 3,000 people have been killed.  When the European Parliament confronted Duterte aabout the deaths he said “F—— you” and gave them the finger. He recently announced that they would stop doing joint patrols with the US in the South China Sea putting at risk the Philippines’ greatest ally found in the US. He even referenced President Obama as the “son of a whore.” Many Filipinos are concerned about losing the US as their strongest ally. Needless to say, President Duterte has been raising concerns in the Philippines as well as around the world.
The Philippines has a history of dictators that have done a lot of damage to their economy. The most significant in recent history was the dictator Marcos. Having served my mission in the Philippines, I imagine that many Filipinos are afraid of Duterte becoming a dictator like Marcos who declared marshall law in 1972. The scars that Marcos left are still deep, and I hope that Filipinos recognize that and overthrow this new president before he causes more destruction to the Philippines.