On Tuesday, Pres. Obama announced Jeffrey DeLaurentis, a career Foreign Service officer, as the first nominee for  US ambassador to Cuba in over 50 years. Obama has taken bold strides in mending the US-Cuban relationship as his time in office comes to an end. His efforts have met resistance within the country, especially from Republicans. Pres. Obama says that “we only hurt ourselves by not being represented by an ambassador.” Senator Marco Rubio says that, “rewarding the Castro government with a U.S. ambassador is another last-ditch legacy project for the president that needs to be stopped. This nomination should go nowhere until the Castro regime makes significant and irreversible progress in the areas of human rights…”

This debate brings up several important issues on the US’s global roles and responsibilities. To what degree should the US tolerate political injustice in foreign nations? Do these peace-building seem to forgive past horrors of the Castro regime and offenses against the US too easily?

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