With the first presidential debate now complete the world is closer to a difficult decision. Now, “world” is used with a specific reason in mind. This election more than any will have a large impact on many other countries not just the United States. There are many international topics being addressing in the Clinton and Trump campaigns, but specifically, business, and the globalization of work are very interesting. Who is more equipped to lead America in our many international affairs? This topic was the first on many in last night’s debate. Donald trump seamed to dominate the debate itself, but both parties had convincing opinions. Let us break this down. Experience is a big factor to address, along with the candidates specific plans for international relations.

Who has more experience? This is a difficult question to answer because the experience of Secretary Clinton differs from Trump’s. Hillary Clinton has worked with other countries and the affairs of this country with others for decades. So obviously she has a great deal of international experience, however is this business experience? She has not dealt specifically with the globalization of work and products. Trump on the other hand has a years of international business experience. Many of his companies have exported their work to other countries. He has also been quite successful in this, however that itself is also up for debate. I believe that Trump would help the country with its international business because he understands why globalization is essential. Unfortunately, this is not a popular thing to be doing as president. The country seems to want a president that will bring jobs back to the United States. This is good, but those same people who want those jobs, want them to be high paying, benefit filled careers. This simply won’t happen. Cheap labor is the principle motive for businesses to take their work to other countries. I feel that Hillary simply wants to please the crowd, and our international businesses will struggle under her presidency.

What do the candidates plans have in store for international business? During the debate Trump was the only on to give specifics of what he plans to do. He said that he will lower the tax of companies who keep their work in the US, while increasing the tax for importing goods into the country. Overall I think that this plan is going to hurt international business. Local companies will be more motivated to maintain work on local soil. Other countries will also be less inclined to do business here because of the raised taxes. Unfortunately the US is one of the largest consumer of goods in the world, this will simply raise prices on those imported goods. Hillary Clintons plan is similar to this, but on a less drastic scale. Its’ very difficult to tell how the many companies will react to these potential changes, but ultimately they will be the deciding factor on whether the United States can continue its successful international business career.

In the long run I believe the Donald Trump is a better pick when it comes to maintaining and improving our international business affairs. He simply understand better than Secretary Clinton. He also is not as much of a people pleaser, which is necessary when the people you’re trying to please have impossible demands. Donald trump will make changes that will hurt but hopefully not completely debilitate us from doing international business.

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