You might have seen the cartoon on Instagram, reddit, or other parts of the modern social media and internet world. But, little did we know that Pepe the Frog would be used by anti-Semitic groups to harass various Jewish groups, in addition to African Americans.

Though the original creation of the cartoon was not malicious in intend, Pepe the Frog has apparently been morphed into such. The cartoon has recently been inducted into the Anti-Defamation League’s hall of shame as it were, being black listed as a racist and or anti-Semitic symbol carrying users bigoting ideals.

The League has also recently added the “echo” sign as being in the same idea. The echo sign is simply three parenthesis symbols before and after a name. The action was being used on twitter to “echo” Jewish Journalist’s names and has since been deemed inappropriate and offensive. What is next?

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