We hear the word “robot” and we think of a large piece of metal, or many pieces welded together, with artificial intelligence that may one day take over the world and destroy the human race. Or maybe we just think of Wall-E. Regardless, Poland’s new robot caterpillars are changing the robot game. researchers-unveil-light-powered-caterpillar-robot

This tiny little robot is set into motion by a laser light, moving and scrunching by itself, with the ability to carry ten times its weight while moving. The robot is just “fragments of plastic and energy” with the energy coming from outside the robot itself. No more complicated wires and batteries. The biggest question that may come to mind when hearing about this caterpillar robot is probably “why?”. Scientists aren’t really quite sure what the use for this robot really is, but Mikolaj Rogoz, a researcher at the University of Warsaw believes that perhaps after a dozen or so years of research, we will be able to “‘insert this kind of robot into the human body to transport medicines right to the organs'”. So keep an eye on this one, because in the coming years, it could be just the thing that saves your life.

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