Russian Bear and international relations

Recently, the dutch investigation has concluded that the missle responsible for bringing down a Malaysia Airlines airplane down in Ukraine was Russian. It was given to Ukrainian separatists, which they used in shooting down the plane and then returned it to Russia. They are concluding essentially that Russia is directly responsible for the this unprovoked attack and deaths of innocent people.

How they concluded that the missile was Russian or that Russia supplied it to the the separatists, I do not know. However, this article provoked me to think how the United States would act if a nearby country joined an anti-american alliance. I am by no means going to try and defend the unprovoked attack on the Malaysia Airlines but what i hope to do is explore why Russia has acted so strongly to the Ukrainian Revolution and the new-found desire of a Ukrainian-NATO alliance.

How i interpret these actions is that NATO was created as an anti russian alliance. at the end of the cold war, It was my understanding that NATO reached an agreement with the old Soviet union russia that they would not expand to threaten russian interests. However, Since ukraine is a substantial part of the Russian border the expansion of the anti-russian alliance is a definite threat to Russia and her sphere of influence. The significance of Ukraine joining NATO is that it would receive NATO military equipment and military bases.

How would America react of Mexico, joined a league of Anti-american interests with Russia and China? What if Mexico ousted its democratically elected president and installed a new leader that wanted pushed for Mexico to join this anti-american league? I strongly suspect that America would not tolerate a border country to join a league that was created to undermine american interests. Now, how would rereact if Mexico started receiving military equipment from this alliance and placed it at the American border, with missile technology that would allow mexico to reach major US cities including Washington DC.

I think we all remember what happened when this ALMOST happened with Cuba? How did we react then? How do you think we would react now?

What the separatists did by shooting down the Malasyia Airline was wrong. How Russia is reacting to Ukraine is wrong. But i think that it is understandable? And when we read these news articles, i think it is important that we imagine how our own country would respond to similar circumstances.