It’s a difficult pill to swallow, that in order to be successful as a country, one needs to be exclusive. The immigration issue as a whole rubs a lot of people the wrong way. What is more frustrating for people is the opinions of others, seemingly. A good portion of Americans support the thinking of Donald Trump; that we should keep immigrants out and expel the ones that are already here. Some, out of good intentions, disagree with this policy, yet in Sweden and Norway, we see the outcome of having “open borders”.
     Norway, an historically open country, is showing that in actuality, it doesn’t want the migrants! Norway is only allowing a certain number of non-citizens to enter it’s borders, providing a stark contrast to Sweden. Sweden has had no policy recently concerning the ebb and flow of immigrants entering their country. Other of it’s European counterparts include Germany, France, and Austria to name a few. We’ve watched from seemingly afar as refugees have poured into these countries, for the most part, uneducated, without skill, and destitute. This is a burden that many countries choose simply not to bear. “Immigration was the key issue driving British votes to leave the European Union.”
     The question at hand pertains to the willingness of countries to open their doors to refugees. Is it the right thing to do? Maybe the more ethical question would be, “is it wrong to simply say no?” I believe that is what a lot of Americans feel. It seems that every country who says “no” to immigrant refugees takes upon itself a bad name. Internally they remain safe, but they turn away individuals who will only have to find somewhere else to go, dragging down another country. Should we want to help the world out and take our share of immigrants? Or will we pawn off our share and place the burden elsewhere?sweden-immigrants