After suffering a stroke two weeks ago, Mr. Shimon Peres–former Israeli president–died Wednesday at the age of 93. Mr. Peres’s legacy is as vast as it is impressive. He was one of the last of Israeli politicians present at Israel’s birth in 1948, he served twice as the country’s prime minister and once as its president. In addition to winning the Nobel Peace price in 1994 for his aid in the peace accords with the Palestinians, Mr. Peres was awarded the French Legion of Honor, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He led out in building up the nation’s defense, negotiating arms deals with France and Germany. Additionally, he was a strong influence in the development of Israel’s nuclear weapons. I’m curious the effect, if any, this passing of a giant will have in the upcoming election of a new Israeli President, and if it will have any other far-reaching effects in Israel.