This article, written by the chief operating officer of Facebook Inc., Sheryl Sandberg, discusses how women in the workplace still have much progress to make when it comes to promoting gender equality. Women are far less likely than men to be promoted from entry level to manager, and they continue to lose ground incrementally the more senior they become. This gap in female leadership is not due to attrition as many believe; in fact, women and men are leaving their companies at about the same rate.

Research shows that gender equality is as good for business as it is for individuals. Diverse teams and companies produce better results and higher revenue and profits, which lead to more opportunity for everyone, not just women. While companies are highly committed to solving the problem, they are struggling to put their commitment into practice. Sandberg assures that companies can make a difference in investing in gender-bias training. Companies can also encourage every employee to talk openly about gender stereotypes in order to provide women with more leadership opportunities, access to sponsors, and recognition for their contributions.

I believe that we can make a difference in continuing to encourage women to be strong, opinionated individuals and to keep negotiating—until the day that it’s seen as perfectly normal, and even expected, for women to ask for more.

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