In an article by Rick Gladstone, children of Aleppo are finally getting recognition. The civil war in Syria has increasingly gotten worse since it began years ago and has taken a serious toll on the children who are “trapped” in Aleppo during recent and intense bombings by Syrian forces and Russian allies of those forces.

Not only are the children of Aleppo not able to play and go to school or sleep but they are literally being starved because aid access is blocked. Ammor al-Salmo in the article reflects the attitudes of the Syrian government and their Russian allies when he states that this is a “‘revenge campaign against the people who decide[d] to stay in Aleppo.’”

The article mentions that the intense bombings on Aleppo, in which children are becoming the most vulnerable victims to, have taken on an indiscriminate nature. In addition to the bombings, the Syrian government has violated international law and committed serious war crimes. The fact that the Syrian government is getting away with such horrific actions towards civilian population centers is frightening. When will the people and especially children of Aleppo and the war be able to receive the refuge they need? What punishment if any should or will be in place for such war crimes and violations?

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