It is hard to imagine a world without a government. However, the Spaniards are currently feeling a few of the effects of such a situation. For almost a year now, they have not had a federal government, but not or lack of trying. They have had two national elections in the last six months, but no party has gotten enough votes to get into office. Many Spaniards are enjoying this time without government, asserting that their government was corrupt and the less government, the better. Likewise, the finances of the government are still intact and social services are being maintained. People are comfortable with their lack of government because they are sick of elections and sick of government officials prying for votes. Similarly, most Spaniards agree that another election will have the same, dead end result with no real progress. What’s the point? While there have been a number of internal struggles, the people of Spain all continue with business as usual despite their lack of government.

If a situation like this were to occur in the US, would our citizens respond the same way? How much does the federal government actually affect our everyday lives?