The train crash in Hoboken last week is still somewhat of a mystery. Usually, data trackers record all information that would be needed to understand this crash. These trackers are found in the front and rear of the train, and are checked every 90 days to make sure that they can function properly. They track everything that is happening to the train, such as the trains speed, direction, and controls like the brakes. However, on the crashed train, no recorded information on the crash is available from the trackers. There was a malfunction. The trackers on crashed train must have been checked and found “crash-worthy”, so why didn’t they work this time?

In The Wall Street Journal’s article, “Black Box Glitch in Train Crash Puzzles Experts”, an expert was quoted on the rarity of the malfunction. “Their whole purpose is to enable accident investigators to go back and review the whole sequence of events on the train or airplane and to find out what was happening in the control cabs” (WSJ).

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