On Saturday The New York Times released documents from Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s taxes in 1995. Experts have examined them and it looks like after such a great loss Trump’s company could have avoided federal income tax for about two decades. It is still not clear what has happened since no other tax information or documents has been released by the nominee, but what is this information going to do to the voters’ opinions of the presidential nominee? How is Mr. Trump going to overcome this seemingly large obstacle?

According to the New York Times article Trump’s campaign has been going back and forth between refusing to acknowledge the tax document incident and claiming it is evidence of his great business abilities. Many of Trump’s supporters such as Mr. Giuliani and Gov. Chris Christie have been using the tax document to speak out about Trump’s business prowess and telling the media that that is the kind of businessman we want running the country.

Others, especially Mrs. Clinton, have used this incident to speak up about how a very rich Mr. Trump has avoided paying taxes when many of the middle class and poor citizens of the united states have been paying their part of income taxes when they weren’t even receiving that much to begin with. The question is now being posed if the system has been set up to actually support the wealthier citizens instead of the common man. It will now be up to the voters to make their judgement call and vote!

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