Donald Trump’s rhetoric regularly bashes on NAFTA, a trade agreement between Canada, Mexico, and the United States. He keeps coming back to it because it wins him roars from crowds. He says it’s the most unfair trade agreement our country has ever signed. The argument is that just because free trade makes our economies richer, it isn’t necessarily “fair trade” or good trade. It certainly seems to have cost us a lot of manufacturing jobs even though it helped provide solid technology, engineering, and business jobs. But did we lose more jobs than we gained? Is that even a good compromise?

Well, regardless, this and other free trade agreements have cemented America’s place in the world economy and has made the country as a whole very rich. The real problem, however, is that Trump can complain and slam NAFTA every day, but it’s not like he can actually do something about it, even if elected. Reversing NAFTA could be far worse than the supposed let-down of joining NAFTA. Even our American-raised beef was probably born in Mexico. A number of parts in our American-manufactured cars were made in Canada. Splitting the combined North American economy would mess up a lot of our supply chain and lose many jobs. Just ask this New York Times article.