Due to increasing violence in areas of production, Nestlé’s Nespresso line based in South Africa has suspended coffee imports from South Sudan. This adjustment is somewhat surprising, as the country has been engulfed in civil war for three years. Just last year, the coffee industry was rebooted in an attempt to diversify their economy and move away from reliance on their oil industry. Now that violence has spread south and those living in coffee-producing towns are being targeted, however, the company has “temporarily ceased operations.” This is the most recent blow to the country’s economy, as uncertainty and violence drives companies away. Oil exports, too, have decreased recently. This puts the country in a perilous economic situation, to the point where it is now difficult for them to pay for necessary food imports.


No one can blame these companies for pulling out of the economy, but it surely has had negative impact on the already struggling country. Until they stabilize, it seems that nothing much can be done to improve their economic standing. However, this can only come with political stability; something that does not seem to be in their near future.