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Kim Kardashian was robbed by gunpoint early Tuesday morning and the incidence has fostered a cornucopia of discussions ranging from media focus, feminism, income inequality, and firearm legislation. Some activists blame the media with over coverage, asserting other human rights violations should be highlighted. Feminists chastise Facebook friends for tying Kim’s worth to her role as a wife and a mother, rather than inherent to her person-hood. The robbery of Kim has been politicized by French politicians building a “tough on crime” platform. As social media proliferates, the personal becomes political and the political becomes personal. The focus of the user is, primarily, the user: their views, likes, statuses, and re-tweets. While social media has proved to be an invaluable platform for organizing activists, online interfaces may promote more argument for argument’s sake rather than discussions. Has social media robbed us of the ability to listen and focus on others? Kim’s robbery forces us to confront media’s role in facilitating change-or hindering it.