A new anti-abortion bill in Poland would completely ban abortions.  Poland already has one of the most restrictive abortion laws throughout Europe.  Currently, there are only three circumstances in which women can have abortions: a severe fetal anomaly, a threat to the mother’s health and life, or a pregnancy from rape or sexual abuse.  Under this new abortion bill, women receiving this procedure and any doctors involved could face a prison sentence of up to five years.

This past Monday, nearly 24,000 Polish men and women gathered in Warsaw to protest.  There were thousands more protestors in over 90 cities throughout the country.  All of these protestors dress completely in black and the most recent protest yesterday has become known as “Black Monday.”

Protestors feel that “This is a barbarian proposal that will move Poland back to medieval times,” and “This would be the end of prenatal diagnostics.”  They are fighting for women’s rights and freedoms, yet those proposing the bill feel that “There is no such problem as a threat to women’s rights.”

At the end of the day, abortion is a huge and incredibly controversial issue that affects people all over the world.  To some, it seems like a very black and white issue while others feel that there cannot be one deciding factor that determines whether or not a woman can have an abortion.  I believe that it really comes down to an individual’s morals and ethics.  But in a world where it seems that ethics are constantly changing and there are so many different view points out there, I fear that a decision will never be able to be reached.

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