Afghanistan has signed an agreement with the European Union to take back Afghan immigrants to had fled to country but were unable to find asylum in European countries.  Because their applications were rejected, they now have to return to a country that they spent time and money on to escape.  Most of these people had escaped areas of war and sold their houses and property when they left so that they now have nowhere to live.

The Afghan government has created a safe way for them to come back into the country and has made plans so that the return is as orderly as possible, but there is still questions about where these people will go and how they will live in a country plagued by war and in which they have no home and no employment.

It seems sad to me that they went through all this trouble just to be sent back to the place they were trying to escape.  Many of these people sold their property for half of what it was worth and spent that money trying to get to Europe.  Now they will have to start over, back in the same place but worse off than they were before.

Some people think that the government should have worked to restore security in the country before agreeing to take back many who left to find safety.  These refugees may now be pushed back into the same situations that they were in before.

Afghanistan Agrees to Take Back Refugees Europe Rejected