Our world continues to expand and grow, but not nearly as fast as our virtual world. More and more data centers are needed to support the our need to be connected. It seems that each major company must have their own data centers, and networks to keep up with the demand. Amazon, Microsoft,  and Facebook are some of the major players in the creation of this large cloud computing market. All these major companies are American, and they are taking advantage of the international need for cloud computing and storage. Europe especially is calling their names. Each of these companies have multiple data centers in different countries all over Europe. Where is the European, or even Asian, competition. It seems that these American companies are creating a monopoly in the cloud industry. This is obviously not healthy for the European economies. So this raises the question, why? The answer lies in the European Unions restrictions on privacy and cloud sharing. No company seems to have been capable of growing under these conditions. So only the big dogs who already have a concrete base can come in, and find success. My question is why doesn’t the EU loosen up their restrictions so that more local companies can start to provide these same services. It seems only logical. If they don’t, I believe that American companies will continue to grow their networks and control the entire virtual world in Europe.

New York Times article here