A farmer living in the Alps helps migrants sneak into France on a train. A citizen sees something suspicious and calls the police. A train conductor turns his gaze as migrants get on the train. Police arrest migrants and send them back to Italy. This is the story is France and it is a story of unity and divide. The issue of migrants has been one on the table for quite sometime. The resolve from the public is a mixed one but is not an idle one. Citizens on both sides of the issue have taken aggrssive action. Mr. Herrou, a farmer in the French Alps, has taken it upon himself to help African migrants escape into France. He says that he has helped over 200 Africans make it into the country, but his and others efforts have been stopped by watchful citizens keeping ready at any moment to call the police. One man said, “Lots of people have become mobilized. And lots of people call the police. It is an astonishing atmosphere.” Instances like these raise more policy questions on migrants and actions that should be taken from a government standpoint.