Donald Trump has made quiet a name for himself in his election bid for the White House, being called, “racist, xenophobic, sexist.” Not all Americans agree, but the closer we approach to the elections, the more unified the country becomes on the question. There is one political leader, though near impossible to believe, that has more offensive and terrible rhetoric than the Republican nominee.

Enter Rodrigo Duterte. Having received his law degree from a university ran by catholic monks, the former lawyer is now the president of the Philippines. Despite his legal education, many question his diplomacy and ethics. He has most recently made American headlines by telling Obama to “go to hell”, and calling him a “son of a *****.” As offensive and unintelligible as these comments may be, his most startling comments are those he had about Hitler, the dictator who needs no introduction. Upon hearing criticism about his extrajudicial murder policy for the war on drugs, and a comparison to Hitler, Duterte defended himself stating that he would “be happy” to slaughter millions of Filipino drug deals, just like Hitler slaughtered millions of Jews in the Holocaust.

Duterte is threatening to end the American alliance which has been in place since World War II, saying that Russia and China are ready to sell weapons to them if the United States is not. How will Obama, or at least his successor, deal with this international issue? Many would say the Filipino president does not deserve the backing of the United States, however this issue isn’t that simple. What should Washington do?