Just off the Lybian Coast this week, hundreds of African migrants cram onto boats in an attempt to escape their countries. These migrants are obviously desperate, risking their lives on a voyage where it is very likely that they could die on the boat.
The conditions on the boat are remnant of historical slave ships, bodies crammed together with the living right up next to the dead. In one of the boats, more than two dozen died due to asphyxiation from the mass of bodies surrounding them. Once ships were spotted in the distance, the migrants held up their babies in the air as a desperate plea for help.
It can be easy to disregard these situations as simply the issues of people halfway across the world, people who we cannot help because of geography or political concerns. You would think that these situations are of days long past when the only reason people would subject themselves to these conditions were forcefully on slave ships. The questions should not be whether these people deserve aid, but what the best way is to get them that aid. Despite political concerns with immigration and refugees, no one should have to go through such a demeaning experience.