“Kurdish militants detonated a car bomb outside a military checkpoint in southeastern Turkey on Sunday, killing 10 soldiers and eight civilians, the prime minister said. Turkey immediately launched a military operation against the rebels in response.”

It is difficult for most of us not directly involved with every situation in the middle east to determine what the causes of events like these are. It’s difficult for me to reason through the connections that are made and continue even though events like this occur. We discussed in my political geography class earlier today that Hillary Clinton’s remedy for middle east conflict, particularly with Syria and the Islamic State, would be to arm and support the Kurds militarily. Does this look like a viable option? Not to me. turkey_40

As NATO co-members, it is a responsibility and obligation for the United States to secure and protect Turkey. If Clinton decides to arm the Kurds, I don’t foresee a happy ending. The Kurds, on the other hand, want support from the U.S. If you want support, how about you stop attacking our allies! That might help. I understand that everyone has their own reasons for what they do, but one’s actions should reflect their desires.