After the whirlwind that was the surfacing of Donald Trump’s most recent self-defeating rhetoric, a large contingent of Republican leaders have pulled their support from the real-estate mogul’s campaign. Somewhat predictably, many of the Utah republicans have told Trump, “no more.” This doesn’t come to a surprise to anyone, as the traditionally conservative LDS community has been very unwelcoming to Mr. Trump on a moral basis. Mia Love, Jason Chaffetz, Gary Herbert, Chris Stewart, and Mike Lee have pulled their support, as well as former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who has been outspoken since the beginning.

Less predictable was the announcement of Paul Ryan, House Speaker, declaring that he would no long support the republican candidate. He urged republican house members to focus on their own re-election campaigns rather than getting Mr. Trump elected to the White House. Fearing that Donald Trump’s reputation will affect the outcome of the entire ballot, we are starting to see more and more republicans distance themselves from their elected candidate, essentially “cutting their losses.”