Sana, the capitol of Yemen, has been recognized recently in New York Times as a war zone. The significance of a war zone in this article relates to the incredibly tragic realities of consequences that come from war. The take away is that war does not only affect and destroy locations but it destroys “souls” as well. We need to start focusing on the people that have to deal with the horrific consequences living in a war zone bring as was done in this article.

Families are living a life where their movement is limited because it is no longer safe to change location often and put yourself at a higher risk of coming in contact with constant bombings and airstrikes. Children aren’t able to sleep at night. Water and electricity have been cut off as well as fuel supply and many other social services are no longer available. All of this and more are disallowing the people of Sana to live a happy life they should have the right to. Families live in fear and end up living a life of survival instead of one where fulfillment can be achieved.

The children of Yemen are not oblivious to the realities they are a part of and many parents have still made education a priority for their kids despite difficult living conditions. These children write of what it is like, educating us so that we may help in whatever way possible and focus on the souls who need our intervention. Kholud, a child in Yemen wrote that “‘[w]e, the children of Yemen, want to achieve our hopes: to study and play and achieve our goals. We sleep afraid, we wake up afraid and leave our homes afraid.'” Another posted on Facebook that “‘[w]e are afraid of catastrophe, as it is painful when a person kills others; mothers, fathers and children. It is as though the people’s consciousness are like stones. And every person with authority does what he wants.'”