08haiti-superjumboFor most Haitians, it seems as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Tragedy is all too familiar. Unfortunately Haiti was in the midst of cleaning up the damages from the earth quake that struck the country just six short years ago, when the super storm hit. It is no secret that this third world country does not have the resources to fix what has been done. This past week, Hurricane Matthew ripped through the island with 145-mile-per-hour winds.

As of Friday, the Haitian officials had reported at least 283 deaths had been caused by the hurricane. (We now know that number is around 1000). Furthermore, as international aid groups arrive we will begin to see the real effects and devastation. Communication and transportation efforts are in the process of being restored. As things fall back into place we are beginning to see the full extent of Hurricane Matthew. The country is also facing the issue of distributing power after this crisis. Haiti was set to hold elections this past Sunday, however the storm put a halt to that process. Although care it is of eminent demand, it is very important for international aid groups to avoid stepping on the government’s toes.

It is inevitable that Haiti will need our help. Hurricane Matthew has affected over one million people in the country. At least one third of those people will need humanitarian aid. The need is urgent as the United Nations has reported at least 15,000 people were in emergency shelters. Even so, the Civil Protection Force of Haiti put that number at closer to 27,000.

The next few months and possibly even years will not be easy for the people of Haiti. They will have to find a way to produce crops from fields that have now been flooded and destroyed. They will have to rebuild homes and entire towns. Many will have to start from scratch. However, the country of Haiti will be lifted up with support from those all around the world. A country that has seen such hardship is sure to rise above the devastation of a hurricane. As borne proudly on the Haitian flag, “L’Union Fait La Force”, Unity Makes Strength.

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