It may be the view of mainland China that the Republic of China, known as Taiwan, is nothing more than a petulant child that refuses to recognize the reality of the situation. But to Taiwan, the situation is fight for its very survival. Taiwan believes that it should be treated as an independent and sovereign state when it comes to relations with mainland China. President Tsai of Taiwan argues for further dialogue with her mainland counterparts. She seeks for recognition from China of Taiwan’s independence. Independence, though, is not something that China is interested in.

“The historical tide is so powerful and irreversible that those who go along with it will prosper, and those who go against it will perish.” – An Fengshan, spokesman for Taiwan Affairs Office

China has countered with an offer for Taiwan to rejoin it and be granted similar autonomy as Hong Kong. But this offer seems somewhat dubious in light of the events going on in this former British colony. The recent kidnappings of booksellers and the controversy surrounding the student protests suggest that China’s offer may be nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Taiwan’s desire to be a democracy and reject mainland China’s autocratic style of government now stands in peril as China’s growing economic power becomes harder to resist.

One thing is for sure, Taiwan may have the desire to remain democratic and free, but the future is not so certain.


Picture taken from The Vancouver Sun