We have been subject to Donald Trump’s revolting rhetoric time after time for well over a year, his extreme oratory more offensive to some than others. Regardless of political party affiliation or previous voting pattern, it cannot be disputed that the New York tycoon has broken every one of our foregoing standards of political correctness, in the worst way. At the start of his campaign, he posed a fresh (and welcome) spin on the customary career politician, with his boldness and frank manner of speaking. That was many months ago.

Since then, he has gone much too far. Like a middle school gossip, he has taken the sharp turn from “the truth!” to cutting hate-speech. Trump is unabashedly racist and discriminatory, not to mention disrespectful, to countless demographics of the country he hopes to represent. It is hard to say whether his absolute lack of shame or grandiloquence is worse. He is completely and totally unfit to be the leader of the free world, considering how far he currently is from being even a decent human being. He in no way represents the correct accepting and tolerant personality we ought to adopt as Americans, let alone being an accurate delineation of the Republican party’s conservative ethics.

It appears I am not the only one to feel this way, considering how many national leaders have rescinded their endorsements of the “Republican” nominee, following the release of his lewd and repugnant conversation with Billy Bush behind-the-scenes of a reality show last week (what he tried to play off as “locker room” talk. As if we hold our national leaders to the same low bar even adolescent males can’t reach?) The question is whether or not the various politicians should have refused to render support to Trump prior to this ultra-extreme display of sheer immorality. Do we really need blatant expositions of misogyny and the following regretless apologia to understand the dangerous of a candidate like Trump? It goes without saying I’m thrilled that our leaders are finally retreating from the bandwagon support of the demagogue, but I’m concerned with the timing. Why has it taken so long? How is it that only the most fanatical occurrences have brought about what should have happened so long ago? It’s not on the same level of aversion to the allowing of Trump to even be a candidate, but it’s close. It reflects poorly on our government, election system, and national morals as a whole.