Presidential candidate Donald Trump told Hillary Clinton that if he were elected president, he would make sure she went to jail for her email scandal. His alarming comment resembles what a dictator would do. Michael Chertoff, a former federal appeals court judge, said that Trump’s threat is similar to what a dictator would do after winning an election, by imprisoning an opponent. I agree that Trump has the power to reopen an investigation to look into Clinton’s email scandal. However, it has been said that Trump’s comment present a threat to the rule of law. The system of checks and balances keeps the President from leading the country like a monarchy. I agree that no one should be held above the law. Mr. Pence, Trump’s running mate, agrees with reopening the investigation because it is what the American people expect. Should the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails be reopened? Whatever the outcome of the election, I think that Hillary Clinton should clear up the issue. I also believe that there are other pressing matters that deserve more attention and time. If Trump wins the election, he should be focusing on other issues and not on the downfall of his opponent.

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