On Sunday, hundreds of mourners gathered for the funeral of a prominent family’s patriarch in Sana, Yemen. In the middle of the ceremony, an airstrike hits and kills over 140 people. This brutal attack was reported to have been carried out by the Saudi-led coalition. Many military and political leaders who attended the funeral were killed with the airstrike. Mr. Ban Ki-moon condemned the strike and requested an international inquiry to investigate whether the attack was a war crime.

“We did not think they would attack a funeral,” said Abdulla al-Shamy, 27, who was at the ceremony at the time of the strike. “We did not think they would be so vile.”

Additionally to the hundreds of deaths, aerial attacks by the Saudi-led coalition have caused immeasurable damage to the country’s medical facilities and civilian infrastructure. The UN has called for immediate inquiry on this possible war crime. These attacks have to stop and there must be peace for the innocent lives in Yemen.