Terrorism has existed for hundreds of years.  The Islamic State or ISIS also known as ISIL has been more of a recent development.  They have grown in strength and numbers as of late.  Because of this increase, militaries have taken notice and placed a stronger emphasis in taking ISIS down.  ISIS has been hit with airstrikes and drones within the last year.  This has weakened ISIS’ propaganda because they know the more visible they are the more they will be attacked.  In August 2015 ISIS released more than 700 items of propaganda.  As of this past August, under 200 items of propaganda were released.

This does not mean that ISIS is weakening per say or is diminishing.  They are just spending less of their resources on propaganda.  Experts say that, as fighters in Syria begin to abandon the battlefield and return home the attacks in the West will begin to rise.  It is a sad reality that ISIS is not easy to control or eliminate and that terrorism will most likely exist.  It is interesting, positive, and important that as they have been attacked more and more, their propaganda is declining.