Early Monday morning, German police were able to arrest a Syrian man who has been under surveillance by German security officers for months. Jabar al-Bakr was suspecting of plotting a bombing, although a specific target for the attack has not been indicated. Security officials in Saxony recovered three pounds of explosive material from Mr. Bakr’s apartment. Mr. Bakr is a Syrian refugee who was granted asylum back in 2015. Of course the information that has come to light in regards to Mr. Bakr is scaring many German citizens. After the attacks in France and Belgium, it’s not surprising for European countries to wonder who could be next, and it seems that Germany just might have been on that list.

One of the most interesting facts in this case is just how Mr. Bakr was turned over to the police. Jabar al-Bakr was in the apartment of fellow Syrians, who recognized his face from photographs the authorities had been circulating earlier in the week. The Syrians tied Mr. Bakr up, took a picture on a cellphone and took it to a nearby police station. Police where able to seize him immediately. It just goes to show that not all refugees or Syrians or Islams are part of some big terrorist plot. Mr. Bakr was brought before a judge on Monday.

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