Donald Trump has continued to make history in this years’ presidential election. His recent feud with Paul Ryan has continued to separate the loyal Trump supporter and the Republican Party. Paul Ryan who has rose through the ranks of the House to become the reluctant speaker of the House, has recently declared that he would no longer campaign for Donald Trump. His refusal was treated as an attack by Donald Trump who responded accordingly on Twitter attacking Paul Ryan and calling him, and other Republicans that do not support him, losers.

The repercussions of the ongoing divide within the Republican party are largely unknown but are more than likely going to hurt Republicans for years to come. It is likely that the contentious divide within republicans will lead to the election of a democratic president. Additionally, it may result in Republicans losing the house and the Senate as many  Republicans who are not impressed with their party choose to stay home on election day. The alienation of crucial minority demographics and the constant negativity that is coming from both outside and now the inside of the Republican party could lead to an era of Democratic rule in the Federal Government.