You know when you are on a road trip and you’ve been drinking Dr.Pepper for over an hour now, when you finally get that feeling that your bladder might explode at any minute? But only a mile away is a gas station that seems to be a shining beacon in a desert of dismay. You just barely make it to the station, awkwardly pee-hopping your way to the restroom…only to meet a line of equally panicked rest-stoppers trying to stay positive.

Hell hath no fury…

Well, if you are road tripping through Japan when nature calls, you are in luck. Private companies operate the rest stop services along the roadways that are all competing for the coveted Japan Toilet Award from the transportation ministry. That means…basically no lines.

Nexco Central Nippon Expressway runs over 200 service stations all with the promise of never waiting over 2 minutes. With 72 stalls  dedicated to women and 14 to men, this company knows how to treat a lady. Just imagine a world, where a toilet could be yours in a matter of seconds.

Dreams do come true…

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