ISIS is constantly on our radar for new attacks and updates. One piece of news available to the public is the success of exploding drones. When one of their drones was picked up by Kurdish fighters, two of them were killed. This has shown the ability of this terrorist organization at adapting and using new technology in their attacks, specifically in regards to very available technology types. The Pentagon has been struggling to stop the drones although now they have a much greater reason to figure out how. This security organization has asked for 20 million dollars from Congress to help with this problem. However, the Kurdish and Iraqi forces in need of advanced equipment haven’t received what is necessary. ISIS forces are using very accessible drones that can be bought on Amazon while the United States is making very large and expensive ones. This is the first actual case of someone getting killed, but there have been buildings destroyed. There has been a movement from using this technology for survelliance and more to explosion. The expectation is that they will make advances as they continue to experiement and add to their use of the drone technology.

Unfortunately, even as we try to find more ways to fight ISIS, they appear to find low-cost ways to keep relevant. Even as the Pentagon tries to fight back, it hasn’t got the materials where it needs to be. It always surprises me in the amount of spending in the military. In this case, it appears as though this very specific part of the fight against ISIS costs 20 million dollars. I wonder, as a civilian, where is the success from the money they use to fight drones? I always think about what we are doing as the United States, and as a part of a developed, western nations, to stop the atrocities in Syria and stop the expansion and actions of ISIS. At least, in the news cycles, this is still a mystery? Are we really doing all that we can to get rid of this terrorist threat? If we are, where is the money going? Confidentiality might be keeping this information away from me. However, how as citizens can we help in these problems and better understand the changing face of ISIS? These are many questions without easy answers, but we can at least keep updated.

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