This year, Germany has had a major increase of refugees into its big cities. Essen, for example, has had over 7000 refugees flood in since the beginning of the year, which is more than double the number of refugees they allocated for the entire year.

Germany passed a law during the summer that allowed overburdened cities like Essen to send unemployed refugees back to their assigned cities. Many refugees have been unable to find jobs because of the language barrier, or because they lack the necessary skills. Many refugees are filling lawsuits against this law to be able to stay because it is so hard for them to find work.

On the other hand, Essen is extremely overfilled, and it is very hard for the city to support so many jobless refugees. Currently, the only solution to this problem is sending refugees back to their assigned states, and until they find a better method this is the solution that is staying.

To find out more about the refugees in Germany read this article from the Wall Street Journal: