Suleiman Abdullah Salim was imprisoned and tortured by the US CIA without charge. After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, people were offered cash for suspects of terrorism. Suleiman was turned in as one of the suspects. He didn’t match the description they were looking for and didn’t have any evidence against him to verify the cause of arrest.

He was accused of being involved in the attacks and tortured. Reading about the abuse he suffered is difficult. They put him in a dark room and poured ice water on him making him feel like he was drowning. According to the NY Times in this article, “He was blindfolded and stripped, and an object was inserted in his rectum while the Americans photographed him.” They injected his body full of drugs and beat him. The torture techniques were brutal and some were not approved by the CIA.

After years of switching prisons and living in cages while enduring torture, Suleiman, among other prisoners, was released without charge. He is still suffering from PTSD and plagued by depression. It is hard to imagine living a life like Suleiman Abdullah Salim. It breaks my heart to imagine innocent people enduring such life-altering torture. We should offer professional help to those who are released without charge, and investigate cases where torture techniques were used with out approval. I think the most important lesson to learn from this man’s story is that people should not be put in these prisons without some degree of hard evidence and accountability to military and CIA leaders.