The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has become one of the most horrific perpetrator of evil in this world. Their reign of terror started as a small affiliate of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, but, thanks to various factors, it grew exponentially into the vast state that exists today. One of the reasons why ISIS has grown so much is due to their exceptional use of social media. Many ISIS members used social media like twitter and Facebook to spread their propaganda in order to reach disillusioned Muslims around the world. They promised them large swaths of land, a vibrant economy, and a happy way life. Things began to change after ISIS began beheading American journalists. A sustained air campaign by the United States has brought the caliphate to its knees. The social media presence fell dramatically because those who were in charge of propaganda were too busy fighting or they were killed I battle. As the state began to crumble, it became harder to maintain a presence on twitter, especially after Twitter began cracking down on accounts that were spreading ISIS propaganda. I see this as a sign that the tide has really turned against ISIS. Their inability to recruit more soldiers through social media greatly hampers their goals of establishing a lasting caliphate. The U.S. and its allies are having great success in battling ISIS. Unfortunately, many ISIS fighters are returning to their countries of origin. These fighters are able to strike within Western countries and continue their jihad against the west. Even though the probability of being affected by these attacks, it is something that must be dealt with. This war will not be won in the short-term, which is why it is so important that we stay the course.

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