These were not your typical swear ins for Hong Kong this last week. Frustrated with the current condition in Hong Kong, several newly elected officials came to the swear ins with a plan. While retaining semi-autonomy from China, several people are upset with the increased tightened grip China continues to have on Hong Kong. Those who were elected were not afraid to show it. A display of a yellow umbrella was in place for Leung Kwok-hung’s swear in to represent the pro democracy protests in 2014. Another wore a banner that said “Hong Kong is not China”. Others changed the words of the oath as direct shots taken to the Chinese Government and others changed the tempo or sound of the oath to show defiance.

What does this mean for Hong Kong? The hope is that continued displays of defiance towards China will give Hong Kong what they want. Unfortunately the future is unknown for this small little nation. The communist party has never been fond of pro democracy movements in their country, but perhaps with China more on the public scene and trying to secure its place as a world power that can function in today’s world, this may be what they need. But if the past with project itself on the future, these displays and acts of defiance will not be good for the people of Hong Kong.