In the wake of one of the most controversial elections in the history of the United States, featuring two candidates that are as unpopular as ever before, one being called a criminal, and the other a psychopath, many Americans are fearful for the next presidential term, as perhaps they should be. Despite her many flaws, the United States of America is a free country that many destitute and lost men and women dream of coming to. Here, we are promised certain “inalienable rights”, the most famous of which being the freedom of speech. We’re reminded that no matter what happens in November, we’re still here; we can still complain about our leaders.

Facing 12 years in prison, “Mother Mushroom”, also known as Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, is facing charges for “distorting the truth and spreading propaganda against the state”, in Vietnam. This isn’t uncommon or unusual, in fact arrests like this are made all the time in Vietnam. The arrest came after Mother Mushroom criticized the communist governments handling of a terrible oil dump that is being deemed as one of the worst environmental disasters of the countries history. Her sympathizers believe that the government is sending a message to all those who follow her blog, and that their goal is to discourage the youth from forming their own opinions about the one party system in Vietnam.

Though our country is not perfect, most of the time human rights are preserved. What can the people of Vietnam do vis à vis this blatant infringement of human rights?