Russia and the United States just announced they will be holding peace talks once again beginning this Saturday, October 15th in Switzerland. The event will be jointly hosted by Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov and the United States’ Secretary of State John Kerry. Previously, the United States had dismissed peace talks between the two countries after the Aleppo cease-fire abruptly ended with intense violence and war crimes.

After 6 years, 500,000 people dead, and half of Syria displaced, something needs to be done. Many believe Turkey could play a vital role in bringing peace as it shares a border with Syria. Others argue diplomacy is failing and the United States needs to step down for the Russian-backed Bashir Al-Assad to win quickly and end the suffering. While I hesitate to believe peace will be agreed upon this weekend with the recent cease-fire war crimes issue unresolved, I do believe diplomacy still has a chance. Power should not just be given to Assad. Peace talks can work, especially with the support of Turkey and NATO.

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