On Monday morning, at least two dozen people were killed in Western Myanmar.  Maungdaw is extremely close to the border between Myanmar and  Bangladesh, and the group of people living in the area, known as the Rohingya, have been experiencing unrest there for a while now.  The Rohingya are looked down upon because those in Myanmar claim that they are really Bengalis from Bangladesh.  Recently, the police forces patrolling along the border have been under attack by some within the Rohingya group.

The attacks this Monday were a result of unknown assailants attacking officers at a police outpost near the border.  These more recent acts of violence have caused Maungdaw to declare a state of emergency while the president of Myanmar, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, is currently working with armed forces to control and limit the chaos from spreading throughout the rest of Western Myanmar.

Events like these beg the question- Why are there so many countries out there facing such instability and political unrest?  And, is there more that can be done?  Being such a small country, it seems that for the most part, not much attention is given to Myanmar.  There are so many issues and problems occurring around the world that seem to be given priority because they’re “bigger” and “more important.”

But our rights to lead peaceful, fulfilling lives shouldn’t be limited based on the priorities of others.  Ideally, everyone deserves the best.  But it seems that realistically, this is nearly impossible.


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