Yemeni citizens are angered over the Saudi-led organization’s admittance to targeting and killing over 100 people attending a funeral. While the UN puts the numbers of the dead as above 140, no amount of arguing or apologizing will restore the lives of loved ones in this situation. And that, according to the article, is what matters to the Yemenis. The article points out that the Yemenis are tired of this disregard for the lives of innocents in the country while the Saudi-led coalition places blame on the rebels for using citizen sites to hide military equipment. The coalition has also accused the rebels of using citizen sites to fight from.

The coalition has come under heavy criticism by the international community for what appears to be disregard for the safety and security of the Yemeni citizens. Earlier this year the coalition was accused of targeting several hospitals run by Doctors Without Borders.This has led to the group to announce that were pulling out of the country after losing 19 lives.

The ongoing fighting is due to Saudi Arabia and Iran fighting for influence and control over the Middle Eastern region. But with the death toll getting higher and higher in Yemen due to the Saudi-led coalition, it certainly begs the question of what will Yemen do in response to this? Can the Saudi-led coalition succeed in their mission in this poor country on the southern border of Saudi Arabia?


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