Typically while addressing the issues of Brexit we hear about immigration, security, membership fees, or cost of living. We do not, however, hear a great deal about how Brexit will affect the research and development of technology, or any other similar fields for that matter. This is an important issue though, and in fact it will take a large hit now that the UK has decided to leave the EU. More than 5.4 billion dollars were used from EU funding to support various fields in the science and technology world. Many of these fields claim that those funds account for more than half of their overall funding. So by taking this away there will obviously exist negative results.

This is something that needs to be addressed. The UK is one of the worlds leaders in technology development, and also the publication of scientific journals and papers. With the cut in funding and support, the world will benefit much less from British technology and knowledge. This also begs the question, are there more fields being negatively affected by Brexit? Why have we not heard about them? Why were they not addressed from the beginning? There needs to be answers and solutions to these questions or Brexit will have a much larger impact on the world than we originally thought it would.

New York Times Article