Convincing Britain to leave the European Union was a huge mark for the political career of Nigel Farage. Farage was the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, the party urging to separate Britain from the EU. Now the UKIP is in trouble. Farage has not continued in his role as leader in the UKIP party, and without him the party has been in turmoil.

Mr. Woolfe, the man who tried to step in after Farage has also resigned from the position, saying that without Farage the party is lost, and cannot be governed. Claiming there is “something rotten” within the party, he has given up his position. He cites an instance of tension within the party  leading to physical violence. At a party meeting things got so heated that Woolfe was kept in the hospital for 3 days after supposedly being attacked by another member of the party.

It seems that this almost bar fight scenario could have been solved with effective communicating. This leads me to the question: How much of our vote this election should be based on the interpersonal skills of the candidates we see? Is policy more important? Does policy matter when nothing can be done because of tension within the system?