Two Miskito men were abducted during a conflict with nearby settlers. A few days later, the two men were found beheaded and dead. This incident and many more have been happening in Nicaragua for the past year. It all started when thousands of Nicaraguans started moving into the lands owned by the indigenous Miskito. Those Nicaraguans were forced out of their lands by droughts or they were lured by the promise of gold and lucrative timber.

In my opinion, the Miskito are the land owners and have every right in fighting the settlers out of their land. Specially that the settlers are violent with them. The settlers’ attacks have left at least 30 Miskito dead plus burned one indigenous village to the ground. Moreover, the government is ignoring the attacks which I believe is due to bitterness between the Sandinistas and the Miskito.

After the war between Sandinistas (descendants from Spain to colonize the Americas hundreds of years ago) and Miskito (original citizens) ended with a peace agreement in 1987. The Sandinistas got to rule the government of Nicaragua and are expected to rule for another four years after elections. After the Sandinistas got the government, the Miskito took up arms. The indigenous communities (Miskito) were given autonomy over nearly half of the country’s territory. This is another reason the government does not take action concerning these crimes. I believe a third party like the government will be able to solve this conflict peacefully. The longer it takes to solve it, the more lives are wasted.